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The Doomed City

August 18, 2008 // Ruskaia Germania - Germany - Russian

It is absurd to comment on a war, but it took place. There are victims, politicians and generals who try to get in front of the TV cameras. Things can’t be undone: the sea of lies and hypocrisy can’t ever be bailed out. Everyone used the fire of the war to fry their own omelettes, using somebody else’s pain as hot [Read more]

U.S. Auto Industry NeedsNew Business Model

August 14, 2008 // Financial Times - Deutschland - Germany - German

On General Motors’ 100th birthday, its CEO is optimistic. Whether management’s feverish measures will be enough to save the company, however, remains questionable. Rick Waggoner, CEO of General Motors, naturally exudes confidence: the worst is finally over, he says, looking above all at production. [Read more]

The Dollar: Poised for a Comeback

August 14, 2008 // Die Welt - Germany - German

Current predictions concerning the coming U.S. election indicate that the next President will probably be named Barack Obama. The American economy and the dollar would profit from that because his Kennedy-like infectious optimism would encourage anxious Americans to start spending again.

Washington Gave Georgia the Green Light

August 13, 2008 // Die Tageszeitung - Germany - German

NATO diplomacy failed in Georgia’s case With the war in the Caucasus, Georgia’s chances of joining NATO now lie far into the future. They received the "go-ahead" from the Bush administration to move militarily against the breakaway provinces. Since the end of the Cold War nearly 20 years ago, the [Read more]

America in No-man's Land

August 12, 2008 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

Georgia asks for backup, and Russia accuses the Bush administration of supporting Saakashvili. The White House risks a foreign policy debacle. The presidential candidates Obama and McCain try, meanwhile, to clarify their positions on the conflict.

No More War!

August 11, 2008 // Zeit Online - Germany - German

No more war! Barak Obama wants to send more troops to the Hindu Kush. But the West must abandon the idea that a stronger military presence would promote the country. It's not going well in Afghanistan. The security situation is constantly worsening, the number of bomb attacks and suicide attacks is growing, while the [Read more]

A Hand Overplayed

August 11, 2008 // Die Tageszeitung - Germany - German

Georgia’s attempt to bring South Ossetia under control has failed. President Saakashvili is counting on help from the USA–a serious miscalculation.
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