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Trump and Putin Will Still Be Forced To Cooperate

April 23, 2017 // L'Espresso - Italy - Italian

The U.S. raid has shifted attention to the Syrian regime. There is a suspicion that all main players may be involved in a secret plan to reduce Bashar Assad’s power. Hopefully, they will have clear ideas on the (inevitable) partition of Syria, so that the country’s future will not be a tragic adventure like the [Read more]

The White House and Mack the Knife

April 22, 2017 // La Repubblica - Italy - Italian

<i>The U.S. president is in love with his own contradictions; he knows them and nourishes them intentionally. For now, he's got out his knife to show it off. When will he use it? And who will he use it against?</i> Many acute observers of the current international political situation have noted, and done so often [Read more]

Trump Roulette

April 19, 2017 // La Repubblica - Italy - Italian

Is there any method to his madness, or is Trump completely disconnected, changing mood, opinion and strategy as often as the weather changes in London?

Ivanka Trump, the Real First Lady of America

April 3, 2017 // Panorama - Italy - Italian

<i>U.S president's daughter to receive an unprecedented role that sees her in an office on the second floor of the White House, above the Oval Office.</i> Not a day goes by where the Trump family does not attract attention for something. Today it's the turn of the tycoon's favorite daughter, Ivanka, who will be [Read more]
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