Artificial Intelligence: Innovation Doesn’t Last Forever — Job Cuts at Google

What does it matter if 1,000 people out of 180,000 are laid off? If, however, it’s happening at Google, something is changing — and the motor of change is called artificial intelligence. We, the general public, have amused ourselves for a year with ChatGPT, getting it to help us accomplish simple tasks, like doing the kids’ book reports. Meanwhile, the companies that have made innovation their mantra are rushing to employ this new technology. It bears repeating: This is not some gimmick that is just going to carry out the usual tasks, only faster.

It is changing production methods. Work philosophies. It is capable of making connections, joining up different viewpoints and pulling them together. It is able to search for information, but also to decide which bits could be the most useful. If you don’t believe me, look at what is happening in the financial markets, where hundreds and thousands of billions of dollars and euros are moved around. Yesterday, Microsoft overtook Apple in value on the stock exchange. The tech world’s endless contest saw Microsoft reach $2.87 trillion (we will learn to use this unit of measure because it will come in handy) leaving Apple behind — which hasn’t happened since 2010. And this is all because Microsoft committed to OpenAI, parent company of ChatGPT, and threw billions at it.

This has not guaranteed that Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, will overtake its constant rival, Google. For its part, according to American website The Verge, Google has rushed to review and eliminate certain jobs, seemingly driven as ever by artificial intelligence. No matter how innovative you’ve been in the past, you don’t innovate once and for all. It’s an endless process. This is something we haven’t quite understood here in Italy. We have at least three committees on artificial intelligence, but there is very little evidence of any concrete action to encourage its use or push for creating businesses in the sector.

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