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More Obamacans Jump on theBandwagon

October 25, 2008 // Camillo - Italy - Italian

Barack Obama keeps on gaining consent from his right wing. After the ex-Secretary of State Colin Powell, now it’s time for Ken Adelman, the hawk-eyed neocon who had foreseen a “cakewalk” for American Marines in Iraq, to rally with the Democratic candidate. Rumsfeld ex-adviser and Wolfowitz friend, Adelman became a [Read more]

McCain-Obama: the Duel That Serves as a Lesson

October 24, 2008 // La Stampa - Italy - italian

After the third and last debate between McCain and Obama, it is worth drawing some conclusions about this type of confrontation. The dramatic financial crisis did not obscure the importance of the American Presidential race. This race has reached a decisive phase in which the candidates’ positions are interlocked with [Read more]

Trouble Spreads to Europe

October 20, 2008 // La Stampa - Italy - Italian

BRUSSELS - The U.S. financial crisis has begun to infect even Europe, where governments have been forced into a series of bank rescue plans. The panic has overwhelmed the stock exchanges; even Milan, which has not been very well convinced of the U.S. rescue plan, has shown a fall of more than 4 percent for Italy. Mario [Read more]

The Obama Boys

October 18, 2008 // Espresso - Italy - Italian

The polls continue to show the Democratic candidate is ahead. He is preparing his team for the White House. Among the names there are many surprises, from women to a moderate Republican from New York. Two whites, a Hispanic, at least one woman. "If Obama wins the election, as it appears probable, his administration [Read more]

Obama vs. McCain: the Second Head-to-Head

October 17, 2008 // La Repubblica - Italy - Italian

McCain is confused and without ideas; Obama is safe, but no surprises The debate between Obama and McCain was broadcasted live in many venues JOHN MCCAIN 5 He plays at home in his preferred format of “meet with the people”, in which he must therefore do better, to meet the expectations that were raised when he [Read more]

Obama, Failing All Else

October 16, 2008 // La Stampa - Italy - Italian

What if the “new man” Obama wins thanks to others’ collapse? It wouldn’t be nice, since the next President of the United States will have to fill in the gap left by this overall crisis.

Obama Four to Ten Points Ahead of McCain

October 14, 2008 // La Repubblica - Italy - Italian

New York. With three weeks left until the elections, the democratic candidate for the White House, Barack Obama, is ten points ahead of his republican rival John McCain, according to the latest poll from ABC News/Washington Post, although Zogby/Reuters put his lead at only 4 points. ABC’s survey shows Obama in the [Read more]

Obama-McCain: Situationin Iraq Is on Ice

October 8, 2008 // La Stampa - Italy - Italian

The presidential candidates are in total disagreement about the war. Obama: "Wrong conflict; it is necessary to act with judgement." McCain: "We have won; I counted on that." Obama-McCain, it is melting the ice about the situation in Iraq. Today more than ever, both candidates have been talking about their [Read more]

New Yorkers Want Bloomberg

October 6, 2008 // La Stampa - Italy - Italian

New Yorkers want Michael Bloomberg. An opinion poll revealed that the majority of citizens of the Big Apple want the mayor to remain in office for a third mandate. Research conducted at Quinnipiac University showed that 54% of the citizens are favorable to the extension of Bloomberg’s time in office. The New York [Read more]
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