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The Nationalization of GM and the Path to Restructuring

June 8, 2009 // Mainichi - Japan - Japanese

General Motors has filed for bankruptcy. Although there are formalities remaining (identical to those of Japan’s Civil Rehabilitation Law), the bankruptcy and nationalization of GM, which had been the world’s largest automobile company, is shocking. Including parts manufacturers and chain stores, the number of [Read more]

100 Days of Diplomacy: Obama Isn't Afraid to Be "Soft"

May 5, 2009 // Mainichi - Japan - Japanese

In his book Democracy in America, French political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville points out that religion and freedom, though sometimes opposing, are wonderfully linked in America. The descriptions of America in this classic masterpiece date back to the first half of the 19th century, but those words still fit [Read more]
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