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Obama Obsessed

January 16, 2017 // El Nuevo Diario - Nicaragua - Spanish

Asking Trump to admit that he owed his electoral victory to Russia was to ask him to commit political suicide before assuming the presidency.

Obama and Raul: Meetings and Disagreements

March 1, 2016 // La Prensa - Nicaragua - Spanish

Obama will go to Havana in March. The visit is part of his political shift in relation to the island. He hopes, as John Paul II hoped, that "Cuba will open to the world and the world will open up to Cuba." This opening up includes, as suggested by The New Herald, admission of independent correspondents to Cuba who [Read more]

Cinema and Reality

January 6, 2016 // El Nuevo Diario - Nicaragua - Spanish

One characteristic of American cinema is the level of violence, death and destruction in a good part of its filmography. It almost has a monopoly on the genre, beginning with Westerns and their unending killing of Native Americans. The gangster movies of the 1930s and 1940s created the genre. Directors like Sam [Read more]
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