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Obama in Jamaica, Reggae-Style

April 23, 2015 // Il Fatto Quotidiano - Italy - Italian

During Barack Obama's flying visit to Jamaica, in the under 24 hours after his arrival at Kingston last night, there was no lack of funny moments as well as polemics and protests. It started off with a surprise visit to the Bob Marley Museum, an obsession which the American president said he has had since his [Read more]

There Will Be Blood…

April 10, 2015 // RussEurope - France - French

The shale gas question is brought back to the fore with the new drop in the price of crude oil (WTI and BRENT). In fact, what was abnormal was the pusillanimous increase witnessed in February 2015. Nonetheless, an upward trend will occur as soon as summer 2015, as announced in my previous article from last Jan. 1*. [Read more]
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