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Unreliable Securities

January 15, 2010 // Jornal de Negócios - Portugal - Portuguese

The U.S. will have to reinvent their financial mortgage system in order to escape the socialist threat they fell into.

Obama, Osama and the Fear of Muslims

June 18, 2009 // Expresso - Portugal - Portuguese

Ask an Israeli what he thinks of his next door neighbors - Syria, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon - and he will probably say: we are the last safeguard before the Arab invasion. We are the cork. In Holland, the extreme right-wing party PVV, the People’s Liberty Party of Geert Wilders, was the second biggest party in the [Read more]

Palin Outshines McCain

September 6, 2008 // Expresso - Portugal - Portuguese

Elections in the U.S. Governor is Main Attraction at Convention Palin Outshines McCain A new Republican star is born. Sarah Palin, McCain’s number two, electrifies the convention and eclipses the rumors. Tony Jenkins, sent to Saint Paul, Minneapolis 0:01 Saturday, September 6th, 2008 Towards the end of the [Read more]

Afghan Dreams

August 3, 2008 // Expresso - Portugal - Portuguese

To Afghanistan, and en masse! The evolution of the situation in Iraq and the campaign for the American presidential elections in November have led John McCain and Barack Obama to go ahead with a series of important proposals in relation to Afghanistan in the last couple of weeks. McCain defended that the U.S. and NATO [Read more]

Made in the USA

June 23, 2008 // Expresso - Portugal - Portuguese

On February 2, after the so-called 'Super Tuesday', I wrote here that "the American democracy has once again provided us with an exciting political combat.” I repeat today what I said then, and on greater ground: the two candidates who now confront each other are some of the best that democracy could give us. [Read more]

Obama and McCain

June 11, 2008 // Expresso - Portugal - Portuguese

Every so often America needs a chief who grabs her soul... McCain does not cut it. Obama might just cut it too sharply

Brazilians to Try Bush for Crimes Against Humanity

December 10, 2005 // O Tempo - Portugal - Portuguese

The 57th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, commemorated today [Saturday], will be great occasion for new manifestations of opposition to North American President George W. Bush. The Brazilian Center of Solidarity for the People and Fight for Peace (Cebrapaz) will promote a series of events [Read more]

Killers of American Nun Confess

December 10, 2005 // O Tempo - Portugal - Portuguese

BELÉM, Brazil: This Friday in Belém a trial began against Rayfran das Neves Sales (“Fogoió”) and Clodoaldo Carlos Batista (“Eduardo”), accused in the death of the missionary Dorothy Stang, after the two admitted to Judge Cláudio Montalvão that they were hired to commit the murder, and began planning it in [Read more]
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