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Obama in Kenya: A Homophile Trip?

July 18, 2015 // Jeune Afrique - France - French

<i>Kenyan anti-gay marriage activists are resolutely awaiting the U.S. president who is preparing for his first official visit to his father’s country. Isn’t homophobia common throughout the entire continent?</i> To say the least, Barack Obama is awaited in the land of his biological father. The organizers of [Read more]

Will the Americans Elect a Black President?

June 4, 2008 // L'Observateur - Senegal - French

Until recently Hilary Clinton was believed to be the victor over Barack Obama, and to be the one to face the Senator from Arizona, John McCain, in the presidential election next November. But no one had counted on the determination of the Senator from Illinois, who has just made history by winning the Democratic [Read more]

Obama Defends Himself

April 30, 2008 // Sud Online - Senegal - French

Barack Obama repeated it this weekend; for him skin color is not a “determining factor” in the race for the democratic nomination. However, it seems that ethnicity, sex, or even social category are becoming the more and more decisive criteria in the duel between the Illinois senator and Hillary Clinton which has [Read more]

Suez Canal Affair: Bush Apologizes to Egypt

April 5, 2008 // Le Sud - Senegal - French

(Pana) – American president George Bush apologized to Egypt after a boat chartered by the Navy opened fire on an Egyptian motorboat on Monday evening near the Suez Canal, killing one and injuring two. This incident angered the Egyptian authorities, who insist that the American reaction was unwarranted. [Read more]