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Donald Trump, the Pop Icon

September 10, 2018 // El Mundo - Spain - Spanish

One step at a time, Donald Trump is climbing the celebrity Everest for those whose cultural presence transcends their career, for the celebrities who help define an era. He is becoming a pop icon. Only a handful of characters, including Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter and Darth Vader have achieved such status. His blonde [Read more]

Trump’s Swamp

September 10, 2018 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

The facts show that the man that arrived at the White House under the banner of “America First,” in reality, placed himself above everyone else.

Praising the Adversary

September 7, 2018 // El País - Spain - Spanish

[I]t’s unreasonable and dangerous that in a democracy, only a decorated war hero can appeal to consensus without appearing disloyal.

To Defeat Trump

September 6, 2018 // El País - Spain - Spanish

<i>As much as the courts and the critical press play their essential role, it is the American people who must defeat the president.</i> In Concord, a small, picturesque town in New England, there is such strong historical memory that it is not uncommon for the proud locals to describe it as “the epicenter of [Read more]
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