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Obama and the MidEast – Change to Believe In?

February 23, 2009 // Alwatan - Syria - Arabic

History Is Repeating Itself! George Mitchell is the peace envoy of President Obama. Mitchell is known to be no stranger to the region and has been assigned today a similar task to that which he had in the era of the former U.S. President Bill Clinton. He became well known when his recommendations turned into a kind [Read more]

Obama, Change and Israel

February 5, 2009 // Kassioun - Syria - Arabic

Barack Obama may have won the presidency because he possessed the ability to explain to each American voter how his mantra of “Change” applied to their likes and wants. American political analysts and columnists, who supposedly express the political, economic and societal trends and currents, etc., which are [Read more]

Open Letter to Barack Obama

January 29, 2009 // kassioun - Syria - Arabic

Dear Mr. President, I did not vote for you in the Presidential Election because I am Malaysian. But, I consider myself one of your constituents because what you do or say will affect me and my country as well. I welcome your promise for change. Certainly your country, the United States of America needs a lot of [Read more]

Proceedings of the Next Twenty Years!

January 16, 2009 // - Syria - Arabic

When we read about U.S. foreign strategy for the 21st century, we find that the first third of century talks about facts, figures, specific locations and names while the second third refers to the language of expectations and the possibilities, while the third about wishes and expectations. Generally speaking, the [Read more]

A Path to Change or Laying Foundations of Hegemony?

January 3, 2009 // Al Watan - Syria - Arabic

The world impatiently awaits the day George Bush leaves the presidency of the United States. It doesn’t hide its optimism at Barack Obama’s coming to the White House. The world’s governments condemn President Bush’s unilateralist policies to deal with international issues, and hope that Obama will implement [Read more]

Russian Strategies Awaiting Obama

December 29, 2008 // al-Ba'ath - Syria - Arabic

In recent weeks, the Kremlin’s drive signals the return of a powerful Russia to the international political sphere. This confirms Moscow’s determination to gradually return to an international balance of power, securing a degree of regional and international stability. The past weeks have witnessed state visits by [Read more]

Iraq Security Agreement: a Second Invasion

December 8, 2008 // Kifaharabi - Syria - Arabic

Countdown kicks off to divide Iraq The security agreement signed by Iraqi and U.S. governments last week brought up three major questions: 1. What does this agreement mean for Iraq's future, and how will the different Iraqi political powers react to it? 2. What are the possible complications on other regional [Read more]

Terrorism: The Occupation’s Responsibility

December 8, 2008 // Al Thawra - Syria - Arabic

The occupiers weren’t satisfied with looting Iraq’s wealth and oil. They destroyed its artifacts and archaeological sites in an effort to erase the Iraqis’ heritage and great history from their memory. They ruined the city of Babel, which was considered one the Seven Wonders of the World, when the occupation forces set up a military barracks on the site of this archaeological city. They dug a trench and knocked down historical statues.

Obama and Change

December 1, 2008 // al-Watan - Syria - Arabic

The world awaits the moment Barack Obama claims the reins of power in the White House at the beginning of the coming year. This will allow us to clearly see his political agenda in context and aside from the general statements he made in his election campaign. The source of this anticipation is twofold. Firstly, the [Read more]
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