U.S.-Led Forces Said to Plan Second 'Liberation' of Baghdad

Recent media reports indicate that the new government’s top priority will be to launch a massive attack for yet another “liberation” of Baghdad.

U.S. occupation troops and Iraqi forces will take part in this large-scale military operation. The ultimate aim will be to comb Baghdad, a city of some 6 million people, neighborhood to neighborhood, street to street and house to house

The new government has yet to be formed, but reports are that both London and Washington are keen to see it take place as quickly as possible.

The U.S. and the U.K. are looking for a face-saving formula to leave Iraq and want to use the nascent Iraqi forces as a spearhead in their decisive move on Baghdad.

Once the “terrorists” are rooted out, reconstruction legions will move in to repair and upgrade public utilities, such water and electricity.

The Pentagon is reported to be enthusiastic about the idea. American military planners believe that Baghdad is in need of a “second liberation” in order to restore normalcy.

This new “liberation” comes on the heels of the first U.S.-led “liberation” of April 2003, the results of which were well-know to Iraqis.

The reports say that the United States would like to use this new attack on Baghdad as a prelude to a withdrawal from Iraq by the end of this year.

By virtue of this second “liberation,” the United States will feel at ease and happy to see Baghdad purged once again, and presented to the new government on a golden plate – with the Pentagon’s best wishes for peace, affluence, security and tranquility.

There are several signals that such a joint Iraqi-U.S. attack on Baghdad may occur once the new government is in place. Neither the U.S. nor the Iraqi authorities have confirmed or denied these reports.

But looking back at the history of U.S.-led military operation in Iraq, there is ample reason to believe that such an attack may take place.

Over the past three years, we have had precedents of such military attacks in which cities and towns were torched under the pretext of flushing out “terrorists.”

But evidence also shows that the torching of these cities hasn’t brought us one inch closer to the path of peace.

Thus, our much-awaited for government will next try to heal our wounds and extinguish the fames but adding more fuel to the fire.

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