Iraq Has Become a Human Slaughterhouse

We will not be far from reality if we say that Iraq has become something like a slaughterhouse, where human beings are massacred day in and day out with the victims unaware of why they are being slaughtered.

In ancient times people were offered as sacrifices to appease the gods. These sacrifices, including mainly young boys and girls, were made so that the gods would take mercy on the living.

These human offerings were practiced by certain ancient civilizations which flourished in Egypt and Mexico. But people soon realized how valuable human life is and that the killing of human beings is the cruelest of acts.

They therefore decided to replace human sacrifice with animals or part of the harvest, such as barley, wheat or other produce – in a symbolic gesture that fulfilled exactly the same purpose.

This move from barbarism to humanity is a huge milestone in human history. Religion and philosophy contributed to a deepening and enhancement of the value of human life.

The respect for human life, human rights and human values should not be restricted to followers of one religion or members of a particular ethnic or sectarian group. Human beings are equal, no matter their color, religion or sect.

But apparently and unfortunately, the transition from barbarism to humanity is not yet complete, for there are those who still believe that human beings can be sacrificed for their causes and interests, just as they were slaughtered on behalf of ancient gods.

A case in point is Iraq, which has turned into something of a human slaughterhouse since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.

There are forces in Iraq – and they are too many – whose ideology is built on hatred, rancor and suspicion. These forces believe that those who don’t follow their path are evil and must be slaughtered. They have turned our land into a slaughterhouse, in which people are killed without justification.

These evil spirits gushing forth from their long-necked bottles have turned our lives into hell. Iraqis will not see peace until these wicked elements are forced back into their bottles.

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