Palestinians and the Extermination of the Red Indian

Munir al-Akash is one of the few to have written about the Puritans (founders of what has become known as the United States of America) and to have put them under a magnifying glass, on the dissection table. He did so in a study entitled “The Holy Executioners,” which stands out from so many other studies with have been done on the subject. What catches one’s attention about al-Akash’s study is that in his condemnatory work, he doesn’t fall prey to the wishes of the executioner by removing the victim from the scene of the crime. Indeed, we find him summoning the victim to present his testimony, which no one can deny, even if he possessed the same capacity for producing propaganda as America’s, which is both strong and effective.

In studying the life of the Red Indian, we have gotten used to seeing the image of the strong man, surrounded by a group that idolizes him. However, in his study al-Akash stays away from the familiar, joining the underdog and standing up for him in the battle to define his existence, which has lasted for over 300 years. In other words, he summoned the long ostracized Red Indian, and invited his testimony, before issuing a ruling that will tear away the hideous masks of those who have tried to entirely erase history and write another; an inaccurate history of a continent occupied by invaders with the power of iron and fire.

Throughout this study, al-Akash doesn’t interrogate the victim in the manner that is customary in the courts, because the issue is much larger than a burglary carried out by a thief, whose punishment is handed down after a trial. Rather, he puts us, as readers, at the scene of the endless litany of crimes that were and continue to be committed against them, in all of their various forms.

Al-Akash wanted to present an account that would condemn the colonizer’s version, which has remained predominant throughout tens of decades. And in this condemnatory version, he had to first and foremost prove the lie of the colonizer’s version, in the same way that he had to divest the Puritan narrator of his guise of false decency, behind which he sought to hide multitudes of sins.

Since the day he put his two feet on the American continent, these crimes have been committed. During this period, one of the largest ignored, yet irrefutable massacres in human history took place, which is memorialized by a war poster with General Philip Sheridan yelling, “The Only good Indian is a Dead Indian [RealVideo].’

From the beginning, the Puritans had in mind a land free of those Columbus forcibly named ‘the Red Indians.’ They descended on them by boat and formed a country – exactly like the first Israelis, and after them the contemporary Jews, who had in mind a Palestine without Canaanites. Indeed, there are a number of similarities between the two fantasies. The Puritan sought to justify his existence and strengthen his legal claim to the land by writing a narrative denying the existence of the Indians, even if that meant slaughtering thousands, among those many who have been lost to history.

This brings us to the letter written by Mike Holy Eagle, the Red Indian, to his friend Munir [cannot confirm English names], which brings us this interesting excerpt:

“Our history is written in white ink. Indeed, the first thing the victor does is erase the history of the vanquished, and by God, how plentiful are their tears for the blood of their own dead, and how easy it is to steal the existence of their victims from the heart of the earth. This is one of the many exterminations we have faced, and that the Palestinians will face. Indeed, our Holy Executioners are one.”

We think that the interesting aspect of this is clear: Mike Holy Eagle clearly connects the dots and spells out the circumstances surrounding how the attempt to erase history has occurred, with another history put in its place, just as has happened to the Palestinians. This means the Red Indians have spent many centuries feeling the Lord’s wrath, when he chose this people to suffer at the hands of the Puritans, just as he had chosen the Jews the first time.

Just as, according to researchers, God himself has inflicted his wrath against those that Israeli narrators call, ‘the Cursed Sons of Civilizations,’ who live and dwell between the Nile and the Euphrates [Iraq]. I had thought, just as Munir al-Akash had thought, that an 1854 letter from Chief Seattle, an Indian leader 200 years ago, to President of the United States Franklin Pierce, was right, and I wondered quite a bit about whether it was authentic, until I read Mike Holy Eagle’s letter, which woke me up out of a long sleep, just as it had woken up al-Akash.

[Editor’s Note: The author refers to the dispute over the authenticity of Chief Seattle’s letter to President Pierce. There are at least four known versions RealVideo].

Indeed, what al-Akash concludes as far as the iniquity of the Puritan narrative causes us to reexamine their many explanations and place them under a magnifying glass and on the dissection table to understand the Puritan mentality, which sought to distort other human beings – who are sometimes described as Satanic creatures, at other times as backwards and other times as barbaric.

Al-Akash concludes that while the Indians were innocent, peace-loving victims, who were weak, oppressed, dispossessed, robbed, and scorned, and while the colonizers fed their dogs the flesh of Indian children, colonialist literature depicted them as barbaric, a threat to civilization, and as creatures in the form of demons and devilish monsters, killing children, raping virgins, and poisoning innocent colonialists.

In order to regain a peaceful conscience, we must put the victim on one side of the scale of justice. On the other we must put the executioners, who crossed the ocean to build a country on the corpses of their victims, the Red Indians. If we follow this reasoning, we must come to a conclusion far different than what is widely believed. In other words, we must move away from the popular wisdom and draw an uncorrupted conclusion that is not compromised by the glitter of money that so many are tempted by.

Without that, no reexamination will arrive at the desired result, the lie will be perpetuated, and the executioner will continue to commit injustice upon injustice, without change. The deceitful Puritan account hides behind a tissue of lies, just like their fabricated thesis questioning the authenticity of Chief Seattle’s letter, in which he wrote that the Indians never agreed to sell their lands to the colonialists from across the sea.

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