The Destruction of Iraq, American Style

In convenient installments, American officials take turns in the game of statements: one makes a statement while one sings, one denies and one confirms. According to these statements, this continue suntil it has become fashionable and even necessary for Iraq to be divided into smaller states until we are called the United States of Iraq – the state of Mosul, the state of Baghdad, the state of Basra, a state stretching from Trebil to Khanaqin and another state stretching from the Euphrates to the Hamarein mountains. And among these larger states, we will have smaller ones which brings us up to 50, meaning we are becoming like the United States of America. We will come to have a white palace, a Pentagon, a Pharaoh and a first lady. The matter is very easy as Baghdad might be splintered into 10 states:Bab al-Sharqi, Bab al-Mu’adham, al-Senk, al-Batawin, Zayuna, al-Karada, Bazayiz al-Salikh, Kasra-wa-‘Atash, Jarf al-Nadaf and Saya al-Fallah.

And when the frog gets bigger and becomes like the elephant, the result is clear. However, the followers of federalism don’t understand, the adherents of pluralism don’t comprehend and the supporters of democracy don’t think, and the sprouts’ [Supporters of a unified Iraq] supporters are getting worn out.

[Senator] Joseph Biden – remember his name – for this American will be the sponsor of a divided Iraq. He is dissatisfied with the old British policy that redrew the Ottoman borders, and instead of three states he wants there to be 30 or 50 states. And according to another theory that has been raised, this is as good as done.

The spokesperson for the White House rejected Mr. Biden’s suggestions. He said that President Bush – God keep him and watch over him – doesn’t want to divide Iraq and that he is holding on to the vision of Iraq as set out in the Security Council resolution that called for a federal Iraq:democratic, pluralist, transparent and unified.

And speaking of transparency, the politicians in Iraq are not dealing with this news in a transparent manner. They left Mr. Salah Abdul Jabar [aide to Prime Minister-designate Nuri al-Maliki] on his own to defend a unified Iraq. If we all knew why, we would not be pleased because some of the new partisans of separatism simply want to expand the number of positions in these anticipated new states for their children and grandchildren.

The policy of dividing up what has already been divided and breaking into parts what has already been broken. Shattering Iraq into tiny pieces scattered in the American sky, on the White House lawn and in the hall of the Pentagon is a real policy now being pursued. There are those who are helped by it, who are pushing for it and who are engineering it.

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