'Mujahideen Killed' at 'Jail Run By Criminals'

A few days ago the stench of a new American scandal began to circulate. At the worst prison in history, known as Guatanamo, the prison guards killed three of the mujahideen, and then wrongfully claimed that our mujahideen brothers committed suicide. Anyone with the slightest amount of religious faith and common sense knows the level of criminality to which America has fallen. But even after these deaths, we find that there are those [pro-American Muslims] who enjoy what is happening to the mujahideen at the hands of their [American] patrons. Be assured that God has promised those who pretend to be Muslim, and who in truth hate the idea of a rising Islam, will be punished before their [American] patrons are punished. In the Koran, it reads: “God has promised the hypocrites and infidels that they will face the fires of hell, and will be tormented there for eternity. God curses them that they will have eternal suffering.”

A group of noble lawyers from our sister country Saudi Arabia have shown solidarity with the families of the martyrs, and have uncovered the hidden truth behind the deaths of those mujahideen in the prison of the criminals [Guantanamo]. The lawyers recount that the martyr Yasser Al Zahrani knew the entire Koran by heart and always provided guidance to his imprisoned brothers, calling them to be patient. Zahrani’s younger brother spoke to the Saudi press yesterday, and said:

“It is impossible that Yasser committed suicide, and if he did ever contemplate such a thing, he would have committed suicide at the beginning of his internment. Why would he commit suicide while continuously sending letters urging our parents to be patient regarding his absence?” He swears that his brother was killed.

The real story, which the criminals [that run] Guantanamo are trying to cover up, is that those three mujahideen were the most persistent and courageous in facing their jailers, and that there had been several clashes over their imprisonment. The last fight took place a few days ago, when hand-to-hand fighting erupted between the prisoners and their guards, which is when the three were killed. Having killed them, the Americans claimed that they had committed suicide using their bed sheets!!

Just look at the vile American lies! They hope that we are stupid enough to believe their damned lies concerning our mujahideen brothers and sons! The truth is that the fight which took place killed the three and that five other men are still recovering. Jihadi Web sites have reported the news, and by God they are thousands – millions of times more trustworthy than the lies of the Americans.

But let us for a moment suppose that the mujahideen actually did commit suicide in the prison run by those criminals. Doesn’t that show the ugliness of the American values with which they claim to promote justice and dignity in other lands?! Why would a group of fine young men commit suicide in such a weak and sad fashion?

But the most despicable thing took place when the White House’s brain trust began explaining to the world the suicide of the Muslim youths. Harry Harris, the admiral in charge of Guatanamo, said yesterday, “This suicide is not an act of despair … it was an act of asymmetric warfare against us.”

Have those of you, who spend time with the nobility [pro-U.S. Muslim rulers], seen the level of irrelevancy with which those criminals treat our common sense, pride and lives! They view – when we take our own lives with bed sheets – as an offensive action and an unconventional war against America!

To those of you who spend time with the nobility [pro-U.S. Arab rulers]:

I have sat with some great mujahideen who have returned from the American prison from hell and who have called the Americans insane. They told me some stories of the things that have happened to them in that prison. Unbelievably, this only served to fill their hearts with the faith and certainty of Allah.

I take this opportunity to offer my sincerest condolences to the parents of those three martyrs, and I remind all of those who follow the path of the prophets, messengers and good men with this saying from Allah’s Holy Koran:

“If you are believers, do not be humiliated and do not be saddened. If you encounter hard times, know that other people will also encounter hard times and that God knows who has transgressed against you. God will know those who are faithful and will make them martyrs, God does not love the aggressors. God will reward the believers and crush the infidels.”

O God, hasten the good times for our nation and relieve us of your enemies, and punish whoever desecrates the religion of this nation and whoever follows the infidels.

Amen, amen Almighty.

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