The Cinderella of U.S. Diplomacy and Her Lost Slipper

And at the thirteenth day of the start of this tense war (the war of Judgment Day) the Cinderella of the American Diplomacy, “who has blue eyes and a space between her teeth” wakes up, yawns and sits in her velvet bed. She gets up slowly and goes to Lebanon to meet (according to her) its “wonderful” prime minister. The prime minister of Lebanon is, according to him, the groom of sorrows and tears and a destroyed nation.

She reaches Beirut, enchants everyone around her with her captivating eyes, shines her magical smile at the crowds that have come to welcome her, and relaxes into a cozy chair. The Cinderella of American Diplomacy has arrived on an urgent mission to find her lost slipper, upon which is marked, “the New Middle East.” Would whoever finds it please call the White House? He or she will be generously rewarded with green dollars.

One of the lessons of this terrible war: Lebanon now knows that it cannot compete with Israel for America’s warm lap. Nevertheless, some people thought that America would shine at least a small portion of this warmth on Lebanon. Don’t waste your efforts! Remove from your memory that cozy reception that the American president prepared for Lebanon’s prime minister. That hug, that arm over the shoulder and that friendly stroll through the Rose Garden of the White House.

Keep in mind that the heart only loves once, and such a love is destined only for one’s first lover [Israel]. All the Arabs, both big and small, have courted America, hoping to be treated as more than a pageant’s runner-up, but have been rebuffed.

Thus today, America stands shoulder-to-shoulder with and provides unlimited support to a country that is destroying Lebanon. She sends her smart laser-guided bombs hoping that Israel will accomplish in Lebanon what America failed to do in the mountains of Afghanistan’s Tora Bora. And she also watches the children of Israel writing messages on bombs that will be delivered by war planes as a gift to the children of Lebanon [PHOTO, left].

Condoleezza Rice is a great student of the history of the Soviet-American confrontation. Whatever the importance of this specialty, it became irrelevant with the fall of the Soviet Empire. Perhaps today, she is deeply studying the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict and especially the side notes under the “Lebanon chapter.”

Through the logic of force, America may have succeeded in attracting certain major Arab regimes and sidelining others. But has she been able to extinguish the flames burning in the hearts of the people to resist oppression and tyranny? This has been handed down from generation to generation, and will continue until the day when justice prevails and the word of the righteous is ascendant.

This diplomat “who has blue eyes and a space between her teeth [Condi]” talks of “Peace.” The wonderful brunette Cinderella is only interested in a “permanent cease-fire” which will protect Israel from the missiles of the Resistance [Hezbullah], without seeking what might protect Lebanon from the “Hiroshima” of Israel’s smart and foolish bombs.

America can divest the Resistance of its weapons through justice, not force. When Lebanon regains control of its occupied lands, frees its people from Israeli prisons, and stops the abuse of its sovereignty on land, sea and air, what justification would the Resistance have for keeping their weapons?

But Israel with America behind her, will not take these steps, because if it did so in Lebanon, it would have to do the same in Palestine … and Israel would have to end its attacks!

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