Bush and the Cursed Gift

As always, the reflections of our head leader generate debate within the population. Some readers offer opinions to our newspaper.

‘The Commander keeps having an extensive vision of what is happening in the world and the problems which affect it . In these reflections what stands out is the rise in the price of food. On the other hand, I consider Bush’s attitude indignant; [he] should be creating schools and not going around selling arms.’ Lizandro Estupiñan, custodian.

‘Fidel’s reflections are excellent and contain a lesson. In yesterday’s reflections, he alludes to how contradictory Bush’s visit turns out to be, taking money to the Arab countries, like a gift from the magi, for the sale of arms to a region devastated by wars.’ Leticia Rodríguez

‘It spoke basically about Bush and his polemic against the Middle Eastern countries. It is disgraceful that the president of the richest country in the world be a guest in a [hotel] room which costs more than three thousand dollars while there are so many problems in the world to resolve. It also reflects upon the rise in prices of food caused by the transformation of these biofuels, finally the countries most affected by this will the poorest countries.’ Alberto Sarmienta, Guard official.

‘I completely agree with what the Commander in Chief proposed in his reflections. I think it is a horror that Bush gives money for the sale of arms, while it is needed for so many problems in the world.’ Iliana Font, specialist in economic management

The reflections are magnificent. Bush wants to give the image of something that is not, in this way the double moral standard of the U.S. continues. His objective is to continue enabling the warring activities in the Middle East and resolving his problems at the expense of the poor countries.

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