America's Favorite Terrorist Goes Free

To give a more precise description of his professional profile, Luis Posada Carriles is an expert at setting off C-4 explosives with a very short fuse, who goes from Bush to Bush, and whose detonations have not been silenced or hampered by the outrageous justice system in the United States or its famous Patriot Act.

And it’s a fact that the terrorist Posada Carriles, who has confessed to so many crimes, including the explosion in mid-flight of a Cubana Airlines plane with 73 passengers aboard, is an overall deadly threat to any nation, even the United States. This is the man that the Administration of George Bush is seeking to “judge” for his little immigrant lies, told in his quest to enter the land of the Anti-terror Gladiator.

It is very well-known that Posada Carriles, in Washington D.C. – the very heart of the United States, capital of the world’s most powerful nation – participated in a bombing attack that killed Chile’s former minister of foreign affairs, Orlando Letelier , and his North American associate, Ronnie Moffitt.

Sources very close to the terrorist also implicate him in the conspiracy to kill the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Nevertheless, the present administration in the “White House” – in quotes – welcomes this new bin Laden with the assurance that he is no threat to anyone. It would be good to remember that the inveterate dynamiter, in a 1998 interview with The New York Times, named himself as the chief organizer of a series of bombing attacks on hotels, shops and a diverse array of civilian installations in Cuba during the summer of 1997. These acts of deadly vandalism resulted in the death of Italian tourist Fabio Di Celmo and wounded some others, among them children.

How many young victims would there have been after the sinister attack that he planned and organized on Paraninfo University on the campus of the University of Panama, in yet another attempt to end the life of Cuban President Fidel Castro? [It has been reported that the CIA tried to kill Castro 638 times ]. Thanks to Cuban intelligence, he was apprehended in time by Panamanian authorities and declared guilty, but was pardoned by President Mireya Moscoso just days before the end of her term in August, 2004. Today the ex-President is enjoying the fruits of her valuable contribution to terrorism … in the United States.

When Papa Bush and Baby Bush publicly declare themselves defenders of United States democracy and foes of global anti-terrorism, their noses grow increasingly longer before a U.S. public that with ever-more force and vigor, is hearing and joining in the growing global indignation that condemns the release of this terrible murderer. People in the U.S. are also joining in the growing chorus calling for the immediate release of the five young Cubans who fought to prevent the innocent spilling of blood both in and out of Cuba, as has been attested to by Posada Carriles’ resume of pardoned crimes.

[Editor’s Note: The “Miami Five,” Fernando Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino and Rene Gonzalez were dispatched by the Cuban government in the early nineties. Their task was to infiltrate the anti-Castro Cuban exile groups in Miami, who were believed to be engaged in acts of sabotage against Cuba. their case has taken on the same national significance in Cuba as did that of Elian Gonzalez].

Whether he is freed or jailed, if he flees once again or if he peacefully stays on in the dust of Florida: it’s only a question of time [before history catches up with him]. But he knows a lot about the Bush family and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for which he could be de-protected, de-cared for and de-looked after by the very same people that once created him and now sustain him.

“Killing the dog will cure it of rabies” as George W. might say in an alcoholic fit to his Iraq and Afghanistan “anti-terror” advisers, but … how?

[Editor’s Note: Perhaps the author is suggesting that in Bush’s mind, you can eliminate the disease (terrorism) by killing its host (Iraq/Afghanistan)].

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