How ‘Mother America’ Acts Like the Soviets

America is playing a tune that no one else in the world understands. She looks at the horizon seeing nothing but her own reflection, and thinking the world so beautiful. After the Socialist camp’s collapse, she sees a uni-polar world dominated only by the American superpower

I recall before the great collapse, the worst thing about the wonderful years I spent living under a socialist system was the way the State controlled everything.

The State was more your mother than the woman who gave birth to you. It was more than a father, for it was the State that reared and educated you. It gave you housing and provided food for all, be you hardworking, indolent or jobless. In return, the State took away the one thing you cherished most … your brain.

Therefore, the system was subverted by the very people it fed, nursed and educated. The people of those countries no longer had to live with competition, which was why the inhabitants of those lands lived longer, were the least likely to suffer ailments related to high blood pressure and with the exception of a few, to know the meaning of diabetes.

Today, it’s America that wants the world to lead this kind of life: She wants to be mother to all life and father to the world.

America wants us to perceive the world as it does, according to its values and understanding. America would like us to put our brains in cans and relieve us from having to delve into the meaning of globalization or to question the chaos that Mother America is sowing around the world. She wants us to understand things as defined by Washington and not to tax our minds pondering the meaning of this savage democracy, this savage capitalism, this unilateral empire poised to devour our entire whole. Mother America is turning the world into a living hell.

Indeed, she’s an ignorant mother. And because of her ignorance she has been destroying her own converts around the world. She loves and hates democracy, embracing and distancing herself from it at the same time. She advocates justice and equality then turns around and suppresses all values of justice and equality. Our mother advocates creative chaos and then like a wild bull, demolishes every creative enterprise. America thought we should build a new house here and call it the Greater Middle East, then turned it into the greatest chaos ever: The greatest case of comprehensive mass destruction anywhere in the world. “Creative chaos.”

To be continued

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