The Empire Self-Destructs: America Is On the Brink! …

The dominance of U.S. power is part of its weakness, which is why the American Empire’s collapse bears a direct resemblance to the fall of the Roman Empire. With the arrival of new centers of power on the global scene, the countdown to the end of America’s global hegemony has begun. Sudden and dramatic changes threaten it with economic collapse, while at the same time, American moral values are disintegrating – to be replaced only with “laws of the jungle” which prevailed before modern history.

The bloodshed that has begun to afflict the American giant is inhibiting its capacity to act and is speeding its collapse. Bush is hammering the nails into America’s coffin by carrying out the policies of conceited right-wing interests, which hold that they carry a divine message for all human beings!! Nearly everyone has abandoned him to drown alone, particularly his architect and brain, Karl Rove.

Russia, China, India, Japan and Iran now threaten to impose the surname “Former” on the uni-polar world. Meanwhile, America’s social fabric is coming apart and disintegrating due to racism and hatred that has been lurking deep within!

And this analysis isn’t driven by Arab or Muslim desire to see a collapse of the American Empire. Rather, it comes from American officials, analysts and intellectuals who have begun to predict that the American giant will soon be a midget!!

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