Democratic Indecision: Republicans to Benefit Clinton-Obama Duel

Democratic indecision

Republicans to benefit Clinton-Obama duel

THE victory of Ms Hillary Clinton in Ohio and Texas — two major states —besides in the Rhodes Island has made her remain in the race for the Democratic nomination but that is not enough. Her rival, Mr Barack Obama, is far ahead of her with 1,477 delegates against her 1,391. She has temporarily stopped the march of Mr Obama, who scored 12 consecutive primary victories after his spectacular performance on Super Tuesday. But she has to struggle hard to reach the top where she had found herself in the beginning of the primary battle. Reports suggest that whatever strategy she may use, it is difficult for her to overtake her challenger unless the super-delegates favour her.

The Democrats, despite having a clear edge over the Republicans, may not be able to launch their election campaign till their presidential nomination convention is over in August. The Republicans, who have quickly made up their mind in favour of Mr John McCain, are now free to concentrate on the real battle in November, when the voters will pronounce their verdict. They have enough time to devise a strategy to defeat the Democrats, the early favourites. It is in the Democrats’ own interest to end their indecision.

One suggestion that has come after Ms Clinton staged a comeback for the Democratic nomination is that the party should settle for the Hillary-Obama team for the presidential poll. The problem is that the former first lady is not ready to settle for the top job for Mr Obama. She wants him to get ready for the vice-president’s post though, as most commentators concede, he has demonstrated enough capacity to capture the White House. He may also truly represent the change in the US administration as most Americans aspire for. Whatever their wishes, the Democrats must realise that in this cockfight between Ms Clinton and Mr Obama, the party may ultimately suffer an irreparable damage.

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