Al-Queda Chief No Longer Worth Millions

The United States once considered Abu Ajjub al-Masri an especially dangerous terrorist in Iraq: they put a five million dollar bounty on his head. But meanwhile he’s no longer worth so much, the Americans say. Whoever gets him can only figure on pocketing a six-figure reward.

The US has lowered its reward offer for the al-Queda leader in Iraq to just 100,000 dollars. Al-Masri isn’t as effective as he used to be and isn’t worth the original offer of five million any longer, according to the word in government circles in Washington. The reward had already been lowered to one million last year.

Al-Masri took over as leader of Iraq’s al-Queda commander after his predecessor, Abu Mussab al-Sarkawi, was killed by a US air attack northeast of Baghdad in June of 2006.

According to US sources al-Masri, also known as Abu Hamsa al-Muhajer, joined the terror network as early as 1982 and has been involved numerous terrorist attacks.

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