Obama Leads McCain in Leadership Poll

A late poll on the leadership temperament of the two U.S. presidential candidates shows prospective Democratic candidate Barack Obama substantially leading Republican candidate John McCain in most categories.

According to a “Central News Agency” report, the poll released by Gallup on the 27th showed that 54% of the respondents believe that Obama understands the real condition of people, while only 29% think McCain does.

52% believe that Obama cares about the needs of ordinary people. Only 30% voted for McCain in this category.

There are also 52% who believe that Obama’s thoughts and actions are independent, while only 36% think McCain is independent in his thoughts and actions.

48% believe that Obama dares to fight against special interest groups, even if those interest groups are allies of his party. However, only 34% of the people polled are confident McCain dares to do the same.

48% believe that Obama will seek inter-party cooperation in order to improve his work. Only 35% think McCain will do this.

41% believe that Obama has a clear plan to solve domestic problems, while 31% believe in McCain.

47% think Obama shares the same values as the general public, compared to the 39% on McCain’s side.

Obama’s honesty and trustworthiness are hailed by 39% of the people. Only 35% think McCain is honest and trustworthy.

In the category of effective government management capacity, Obama and McCain gain 42% of confidence, respectively.

The only category of leadership temperament that McCain has a lead in is decisive force. 46% believe that McCain is a strong and decisive leader, while 40% believe Obama to be stronger.

This poll was taken from June 15 to 19 among a sample of 1,625 adult American citizens over the age of 18. The sampling error is plus or minus three percentage points.

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