Obama's Priorities

The Democratic candidate to the presidency of the United States, Barack Obama, said in an interview with a South American newspaper that his priority in foreign policy would be his relationship with Mexico. But several months later, the senator has traveled to Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Great Britain, Germany, and France. A trip to Mexico does not seem to be on the horizon.

Information published today in El Universal points out that Democratic representatives in the United States have not approached Mexican officials with a probable mutual agenda. The Republican candidate John McCain, however, has visited Mexico, meeting with President Felipe Calderón.

The secretary of foreign affairs shouldn’t have a hard time convincing Obama to come: it would be beneficial to both countries, and Obama and his strategists would do well to remember that during the primary contests with Hilary Clinton, Latino voters cast their ballots overwhelmingly against the African American.

McCain visited Mexico, supported comprehensive immigration reform, and is offering to strengthen free trade. Obama has yet to keep his word.

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