Palin Willing to Wage War Against Russia

The Republicans’ vice-president nominee Sarah Palin, who has already stirred quite a lot of controversy, gave her first TV-interview on the night before Friday.

In the interview Palin responded to criticism that she is not experienced enough for the office of vice-president– or president if it comes to that as the Republican presidential candidate John McCain is already 72 years old. “Yes, if we’re privileged enough to be chosen to serve this country then I’m ready. I’m ready,” says 44-year old Palin.

Palin also said she didn’t hesitate for a moment when John McCain asked her to be the vice-presidential nominee two weeks ago:

“I answered him yes, because I have the necessary self-confidence and readiness for the job.”

In the interview by ABC-News Palin was grilled with questions on foreign policy. Palin explained she believes in “God’s great plan for the world” and emphasized a strict policy towards Russia. Palin also thinks Goergia and Ukraine should be granted NATO membership. “We must keep an eye on Russia,” the Alaskan governor said, but added in the same breath that she hopes the U.S. avoids another era of Cold War.

When asked if the U.S. would wage war on Russia if Georgia was a NATO member and Russia invaded it Palin responded, “Maybe so.”

“I mean that according to the NATO-articles the U.S. would have a duty to defend Georgia, even by starting a war against Russia” she explained.

Palin was also pressed for an explanation of her earlier comments on the Iraq war, where she claims it is a mission from God: “I believe there is a plan for this world and the plan is good for it,” she responded. Palin’s son Track will leave for the war in Iraq next week.

Palin has served as the governor of Alaska for two years and is considered inexperienced in foreign-policy matters. She got her passport only a couple of years ago and has been abroad only twice; once in Kuwait and once in Germany.

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