America the Marxist!!

From the Enron scandal to when the bottom fell out of real estate mortgages, and then the news of bankruptcy of major banks and proud American companies, we have been living in an unprecedented historical moment. And then, in an even more surprising move, the American government dared to nationalize some of those companies and banks. Were Marx, Lenin, and Mao Tse Tung resurrected today, they would celebrate the sweeping victory over brutal capitalism as a step in accordance with their socialist theories and practices against the large capitalist fortress.

The global upset that erupted in America, tearing off liberal capitalism’s counterfeit coat, sounded an alarm for capitalist thinkers that could not be silenced. When American specialists discuss the earthquake, it surpasses all global economic upsets in history that have ever happened. And indeed, reinstating the structure of the system has become the imperative, though without much anticipated success. The obvious question that arises is how did Russia and China manage to escape this crash, and is it a result of their Leninist and Maoist legacy of incorporating socialist theory with capitalist practices? We can return to the theory of Marxist supply in which he prophesied this of capitalism: when it reached its peak boom, it would give birth to its opposite, and so we witness a period of its decline and end. But these theories will be ruptured along with those who believe in the struggle and who espouse its philosophies. What plays out on the world stage is that when the dominant country lost out in economic globalization – that which opened the door to greedy capitalism in the first place – we found the flight of capital for investment outside of the principle places. Classic capitalists have woven a spider’s web to make American proletariat actions squeeze outside their normal realm into real estate loans and taxes that line the pockets of major players in the banks, stocks and bonds industries, and the corrupt administration which oversteps the bounds of truth.

America is entering down a road, and if it pays off, the path of nationalization will become a subject outside of the context of mere theory for all who believe in the start of protection for unfettered capitalism. We now have the contradiction of a great country with the largest, most comprehensive, and most influential economy of all countries and global markets, doing this in the name of protecting its internal economy from collapse. The behavior gives us a gauge by which to study the cash boxes and international banks that are now freed of suggestions of the American breed, which is essentially that there is no better model by which to organize the global political economy. Injustice persists in the game and in the American predicament…

It is said that all capital will flee America, and when it does, what will be the recourse if capital was subject to a system capable of manifesting bankruptcy, where one could develop personal savings that can vanish in bonds and investments that the system will not protect if those large institutions fail. The Gulf remains in possession of large revenues from petroleum profits that exist within the snare of the American system and its crises. If we had transcribed all that has ever happened in this amazing world and gleaned its experiences and methods, and we are now witnessing a theatre of collapse, indeed the exit from the crises is not to ask for help from false counselors. Rather, we must perceive that the dangers require something that surpasses today’s theory, in order to make a play to force a reduction in the lining of Marx’s pockets for the rest of the millennium.

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