Reinforcements Have To Convince the Last Voters

Al Gore in Florida. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Ohio. Those are the heroes who can help their party to be victorious. Of course Al Gore, as no other, can explain why “every vote counts” while Schwarzenegger warned for “European politics” in case Obama wins.

According the governor of California, he realized that socialism is a bad idea. According to him “it kills possibilities.” That is why he left Europe at an early age.

In the meantime Al Gore is supporting the most important goal of Obama, to get people to vote. Although the Democrat is ahead in the polls. the people have to actually go out and vote.

And nobody understands better then Al Gore how important that is. He lost the elections in 2000 to George Bush by 500 votes. So every vote counts according the Democrat.

Barack Obama is just ahead in Florida and a bit more in Ohio. On the November 4 we will know if he retained his lead in the polls.

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