Denied Justice

The United States Attorney General Michael Mukasey lost consciousness giving a speech on national security at the annual dinner of the conservative group last week in Washington and the whole world saw this on television, live. I was not surprised much by the news, as I realize that the entire American justice, not only the American attorney minister, had lost consciousness long ago. American justice and the standards it sometimes uses to deal with world issues, particularly those related to our Arab and Islamic world are usually one eyed, either sleeping or sleepy. The important thing is that the U.S. Attorney General was helped–he regained consciousness and his vital functions. We pray for him to have good health. But, unfortunately, the American justice is still unconsciousness with no hope to soon regain awareness towards our Arab and Islamic issues.

President-elect Barack Obama announced his intention to review many of the practices of the Bush administration, especially those that followed the 11th of September, violating freedom and human justice. He also announced his intention to close of the infamous Guantanamo. We hope that this is the beginning of the return of awareness of American justice, ending decades of oppression and darkness, overshadowed by U.S. practices in many countries in the world.

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