How Netanyahu Will Lead Israel to a Dead End

Whoever thinks the elections will solve any problems is painfully mistaken. Most of the blame is due to foolish President George W. Bush, who caused Israel great damage with his unnecessary embrace.

Now it turns out that the ruins left behind by George W. Bush are a lot more dangerous for Israel than it seemed initially. Bush’s obtuse policies in Iraq, Afghanistan and yes, towards Israel and the Palestinians as well, were so wrong that any course taken by Barack Obama will be widely accepted by Americans on the street.

The foolish days in Washington are over, and now it is time to pay for the illusions scattered around by the failed ex-president. Obama is sending over Mitchell and saying to the cameras: He was qualified by myself and by Hillary Clinton to talk on our behalf, and we want an arrangement between Israel and the Palestinians “now,” not later, now.

Obama does not seem like the type who would fall for Netanyahu’s tricks and shticks. He was not terribly impressed by Netanyahu’s English. He will demand action. Action that Netanyahu’s radical right-wing party members will not allow him to execute. The consequence will be increased political instability in Israel after the elections. Instability that will be difficult to resolve due to the great economic crisis.

Whoever thinks that things will be better in Israel after February 10th is delusional. The average dreamer does not understand Obama’s intentions towards the Middle East, and especially does not understand Netanyahu’s proven lack of talent to operate in times of crisis. All those people who will vote for Binyamin Netanyahu will rise against him in a year’s time – no more.

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