Arnie Owes Back Taxes

Arnold Schwarzenegger owes the Internal Revenue Service nearly $75,000. That’s pretty embarrassing when you happen to be Governor of the State of California . . .

California is facing bankruptcy. Could it be because its citizens don’t pay their taxes on time? The celebrity gossip site, TMZ, reported that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger owes nearly $75,000 in unpaid taxes. The delinquencies are from the years 2004 and 2005. No wonder the California state budget is short.

An IRS employee confirmed the government’s claim to TMZ, whereupon reporters phoned the governor’s office for more details. Unfortunately, their calls were not returned.

This setback is the latest in a series of Schwarzenegger embarrassments. First, Arnie’s wife, Maria Shriver, was repeatedly photographed breaking traffic laws, including using her cell phone while driving, improper parking, and leaving parking meters expired. Arnie himself parked his Porsche in a tow-away zone.

And now this.

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