Chávez Asserts the U.S. Prepares to Attack His Country

On Thursday, the Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez accused the Reign of Lower Countries of collaborating with the United States in order to prepare a possible military attack against Venezuela, and he suggested that the European Union should intervene in order to avoid armed conflict.

The Venezuelan head of state affirmed that in order to prepare for the offense, the United States military has deployed intelligence agents together with war ships and spy planes in the islands of Aruba, Curazao, and Bonaire that have constituted an autonomous entity of the Holland Kingdom under a protectorate military system of Holland.

“Those are three islands that are in Venezuela’s oceanic territory, but still they are under the imperial regime, the Reign of the Lower Countries,” said Chávez during a speech in Copenhagen that was transmitted by Venezuelan Television.

“I would like to know what the European Union has to say about this,” he remarked. “It’s good that Europe knows that the North American empire is filling, with arms, assassins, North American intelligence, spy planes, and war ships, all of those islands of Aruba and Curazao,” he added.

Chávez claimed that the preparations are part of an orchestrated plan for Washington in order to undermine governments of the left in Latin America and the Caribbean, in particular Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Cuba.

“If you all see the map of the region, you will realize that Venezuela is being surrounded by Yankee military bases,” Chávez said, referring to the military agreement subscribed by Bogota that permits United States troops to utilize Colombian bases.

The governments of Venezuela and Colombia maintain distance since July, and Chávez decided to freeze relations in protest of the military accord on which Bogota and Washington agreed.

Venezuela’s president maintains that the United States will use Colombian bases in order to attack Venezuela and the other countries of the region, showing that Venezuela has been rejected by Washington and Bogota.

Chávez also lamented that the government of Panama has announced that it will once again permit the installation of United States military bases in its territory.

He added that “the greatest tyrant of this planet is called the United States – an evil empire. Under the Yankee Empire live the countries of the world.”

Directing himself at his audience and addressing the majority of environmentalist activists, the Venezuelan leader insisted, “The revolution of the north is coming.”

“I feel it. I see it. I have premonitions of it. The nations of the north will unite themselves with the countries of the south and make the great worldwide revolution against imperialism, capitalism, and death. It will be the revolution of life, love and the 21st century,” he emphasized.

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