US Withdrawal Was Decided Because of the Martyrs, Not the Politicians



It is a well known method and has begun to be forcibly re-implemented. The U.S. occupation came to Iraq because of its military power, striking with the force of the entire world. This demonstrates the strength of the U.S. military. Thus, it is precisely because of this point that one cannot reasonably overcome them with physical force. Especially because American military forces are considered the unipolar world military; this gives the impression that they liberate the world from a material enemy.

The weapon that is most effective and useful in the face of this enemy is the moral weapon, the religious power of the faith of the believer on the battlefield. In short, their strength depends on the stability and determination of the believers who have faced the U.S. military. We’ve heard about a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. This was done because of the resistance soldiers in the battlefield. So why does the U.S. consider the efforts of the soldiers rather than the political views?

It is because the combat soldier comes in victory, not as a soldier, but as the leader of this political party of street vendors in the public markets. Yes, the soldier needs direction from leadership. However, the confrontation is usually with the soldier and some of the junior commanders and senior leaders and always takes place behind the scenes. We saw the leaders of the noble resistance, most of whom, though fat and of course concerned with money, were in good health. After the U.S. withdrawal, political entities came with the occupiers and collaborated with them, killing Iraqis, celebrating that they drove out the occupier, and forgetting that those who drove out the military occupation are the dead resisters. This hurts the very freedom of these hypocrites who didn’t mention the efforts of the martyrs. It is as if these martyrs were regretfully not Iraqis, even those who did fight in resistance. Individuals announced a political victory for the sake of the martyrs, as we call for a judgment that will impose these duties on more people.

It’s true that we have personal experience under the former regime when we stood against Saddam. Our brother martyrs appeared in the media with a resounding echo, whether because public interest demands reporting on political and material gains, because of the claims of the martyrs and their families, or because of their oppression. This is the visible reality and is therefore in compliance with the blood of the martyrs who sacrificed during Saddam’s regime and the U.S. military presence. We say to the politicians that the martyrs are the bearers of the word and are the leaders when they had faith in their victory. As for those who collaborated during the U.S. occupation, now the country has the capacity of becoming Che Guevara’s Iraq. These people truly mock themselves and portray themselves as poor, despite their well-known, suspicious money. But it is not enough to call them liberators just because they are still far from the colonists of Satan politically, religiously, and even morally.

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