The Penalty for Abetting America

The Egyptian people know the reasons that led the Egyptian authorities to steadfastly hold the American perpetrators, but they may not also know the reasons that led to the release of the U.S. nationals, the conclusion of the case and their fortunate return from Cairo to their country of origin. The bail was estimated at $5 million, paid by the U.S. Embassy immediately! And not only did the United States secure a release of its nationals, but the release became the latest sensation in all Egyptian circles! But the U.S. government resorted to assuring that the Egyptians “sinned” against their government! So now the U.S. government wants to deduct the amount of bail paid from its aid to Egypt, amounting to $250 million.

From the perspective of any observer, this not only means that America is politically defiant, but it also emphasizes its influence on the Egyptian people and government. While the Egyptian government wanted to “save face” in appreciation of the bail paid by the U.S. government, the latter would withdraw its aid. The U.S. makes others pay for its own mistakes and clearly does not criticize its own government in any circumstances, regardless of the actions it takes.

So the warranty has now been discounted. We are left with left cavernous wounds that will undoubtedly not heal easily and the sentiments of an Egyptian general that will undoubtedly not be forgotten. Chancellor Zakaria Abdel Aziz, chief of the Judges’ Club, previously surprised us with his demand to pay the panel of judges that issued the decision to release the accused Americans on bail, despite the deduction of U.S. aid to Egypt. I do not think that the claim of Chancellor Aziz is the request of a conscientious judge who felt that the Egyptian people may carry this fine for which they were not responsible, but the request is difficult for Egypt to bear. Do not forget the many voices, confirmed by the Egyptian authorities, that rose in uproar at the decision to forgo what has been characteristic of the relationship between Egypt and the United States of America! The decision rose out of “political harmony” more than out of a financial guarantee looking for those who paid the cost that the Egyptian people bear.

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