Armstrong Is Tired, and So Are We

Posted on September 2, 2012.

Lance Armstrong came close to death when he was diagnosed with cancer at 25 years old, but he went back on the bike to win the Tour de France seven times. Now he says he has had enough. He has had enough explaining that he was not doping; he has had enough of being chased by demons, suspicions and voices around him.

He was born with a physical predisposition to be an athlete — his heart could reach 200 beats under stress — and he was exceptionally popular but also completely obsessive. He is known for being a collector of beautiful women and being on the first page of the press. Yet, he is ending his career in the most distasteful manner: So was this prestige real?

Doubt and rumors are buzzing. So what is it? OK, he is retiring. OK, he has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles. Why do fans that followed him need to know now, after 10 years, that they have been duped? If he has been doping, why not say it straight away? At least we are not being fooled. Even if this Texan man has won using chemical products, he still deserves some credit, and forever. With the Lance Armstrong Foundation, he has given strength and a voice to millions of cancer patients. It was the voice of hope and life.

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