President Rouseff Should Not Meet with Obama

President Dilma Rouseff should cancel the meeting with the American President Barack Obama scheduled to occur on Oct. 23.*

Rouseff, a member of a Worker’s Party, Partido dos Trabalhadores, was already inclined to cancel the visit, but her decision was reinforced yesterday, after a meeting she a had with the informal political council with whom she usually meets regularly.

This council includes former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula, the current president of the PT Rui Calcao, the ex-Minister of Communication Franklin Martins and the publicist Joao Santana. The council met with President Rouseff yesterday in Brasilia at the Granja do Torto, one of the official residences of the President.

Almost everyone was of the opinion that the President should abort the trip to the United States. The U.S. has spied on Brazil and upon the communications between our own president and her aides. Up until now, the U.S. has given no apologies, no convincing explanations and have even implied that this practice of monitoring the Brazil will be continued.

According to an aide, President Rouseff will still have a conversation with Chancellor Luiz Alberto Figueiredo before sanctifying and announcing a decision.

Figueiredo was in Washington this past week for a reunion with representatives of the Obama administration. He should give a more detailed report on the pending conversation with the President.

The possibility that President Rouseff will keep the meeting, at this point, is extremely remote, according to the same aide. “She already would like to cancel the trip and has practically decided on this. Unless the United States gives some clear explanation, which up until now has not happened,” said a spokesman for President Rouseff. In order for the President to keep this meeting, “what would be needed would be for Obama to come to Brazil and apologize, or something equivalent,” the spokesman said. Folha de Sao Paulo corroborated the information.

*Translator’s Note: President Dilma recently cancelled the scheduled meeting with President Obama.

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