Nazism Made in the USA

In Kiev, I was told the following joke: “When will Ukraine join Europe? After Turkey. And when will Turkey join Europe? Never.” The Europeans are in no hurry to incorporate Ukraine into the European Union; they do not want to come into conflict with Russia. But the U.S. is trying to radicalize the situation. By dragging Ukraine into Europe, it is deliberately tearing down the EU as its direct competitor; Mrs. Nuland’s foul language toward Brussels is clear proof.

There is no Euromaidan in Kiev. It is a thoroughly American maidan directed against Russia’s geostrategic interests.

The U.S. wants to bring to power a puppet in Yatsenyuk, who will give the green light to NATO bases and ABM systems on “independent” Ukrainian soil — having expelled the Russian navy from Crimea, of course. But this is impossible to achieve in a democratic Ukraine. Under a democracy, a majority will vote for Yanukovich regardless. The roles of Tyagnibok, “Svoboda,” “Trident,” “Right Sector,” etc. thus become clear. The U.S. is intentionally establishing a neo-Nazi order in Ukraine. It will be pro-American, pro-liberal and protected by the sleek Yatsenyuk, but nonetheless neo-Nazism. Under the guise of an emergency, it will solve a number of problems in Washington’s favor.

Yes, such a course of events leads to civil war. But this does not bother the Americans, just like they were not bothered by the wars in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Egypt … Ukraine has been sentenced. Needless to say, a neo-Nazi dictatorship will lead to a national liberation struggle in Crimea and eastern Ukraine. Kiev will decide to fight against the “breakaway” regions and will commit genocide there against the Russian population. Anything is possible — the installation of troops in areas not controlled by the government, the bombing of Simferopol ….

And then Russia would be forced to wake up and respond as it did to the bombing of Tskhinvali and the invasion of South Ossetia by Georgian troops in 2008. But this time, our intervention could lead to armed conflict with America. Hundreds of thousands of people would die in a bloody mess, but such is the logic of history. Russia cannot let Crimea and East Ukraine slip away: Having lost them, it would collapse itself.

We are reaping the consequences of the fact that Russia has not had any strategy in Ukraine for a long time. Our government has done nothing to cultivate pro-Russian politicians there. Strategic decisions have been replaced by bargaining on gas and credits. And today in Kiev there is simply no one we can count on.

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