San Francisco Took Wałęsa’s Street

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has decided to change the name of the street that has been named after Lech Walesa since 1986. The reasons are homophobic statements made by the former Solidarity leader and president of the Republic of Poland.

Legendary singer Joan Baez took part in the event of naming the street after Lech Walesa in 1986.

However, last year the Board of Supervisors found out about the famous statement of the former president, who said that gays have too many privileges and suggested that they should be forced to sit behind a wall in the Polish parliament.

The supervisors of gay-friendly San Francisco unanimously accepted Jane Kim’s proposal to change the street name, which as of today is named after doctor and gay activist Tom Waddell, who died in 1987.

The initiator of the change, Supervisor Jane Kim, claims that the Board of Supervisors does not aim to detract from the political achievements of the former Solidarity leader, but that his statements are contrary to values that are important to San Francisco.

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