Murder of American Journalist at the Hands of the Islamic State Group

In Iraq, the Islamic State group has issued the video of the murder of a captured American journalist. Issued by the militants of the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,” the video shows the beheading of the abducted American journalist.

The Islamic State, the rigid group that separated from al-Qaida, has embarked on the general massacre of ordinary citizens; they are now also killing journalists — who are the eyes of society, providing information to the world about the existing state of affairs. Thus, they beheaded American journalist James Foley.

What blame lies on journalists? It is their job is to inform the public about particulars relating to both sides. Now the Islamic State group has beheaded a U.S. journalist only because the U.S. has started an aerial campaign in Iraq. If the Islamic State is so strong, it should capture those conducting the bombing and punish them, rather than make unarmed and neutral persons the victims of their cruelty. People from all over the world have levied criticism against the Islamic State group. Still in their custody are three journalists from al-Jazeera, who should be released immediately.

In society, especially in war zones, special treatment is accorded to journalists. The Islamic State group should also give kindly treatment to journalists in areas under their control to enable journalists to perform their duty.

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