American Hypocrisy in Iraq

It is now clear that the West’s sickening duplicity has become a kind of political schizophrenia, as they harp incessantly on some important issues while blithely ignoring others.

The sudden interest of the French, alarm of Europe, and the push by the Security Council to establish a humanitarian corridor in northern Iraq; it is all to protect Western interests. At the very least, what the Americans have done was done in order to maintain control over oil reserves. The American air raids were an exercise in hypocrisy, and the sending of 150 military advisers to Kurdistan under the guise of “anti-terrorism” and “protection of minorities” was nothing but an excuse for the Obama administration to portray itself as a savior.

Western aid to protect Erbil isn’t for defending civilians or human rights, it is due to the realization that the Islamic State virus was closing in on Erbil, and with it their mission to defend the Zionist plot known as “Kurdistan,” threatens to end the Israeli scheme to strike a fatal blow to Iran and a unified Iraq. It also sends a message to the Islamic State terrorists, who are supported by Washington and the West to stay away from Kurdish areas and turn their attention toward Syria and Baghdad. This sows corruption, disunion, and bloody chaos with the aim of dividing and destroying these nations.

The American administration’s quick decision to intervene so as to curb and restrain the Islamic State and its threats to their oil and security interests in northern Iraq proves the hypocrisy and lies about what is supposedly about stopping massacres and protecting the rights of Iraqi minorities. It is a matter that makes us wonder about Western and American inaction regarding the massacres that violated the rights of the Nineveh Christians. Where was America’s concern about the executions and beheadings in Syrian territory?

There is no doubt that Iraq today faces dangerous obstacles, and counterterrorism is a priority because the target of that terrorism, be it from the Islamic State or American intervention, is the axis of resistance. This demands the construction of an Arab front to confront these imperial designs by facing the Islamic State’s fury and the agents of destruction invading Iraq from many sides as they attempt to sew discord in the dealings between Iraqi political factions. Those politicians reveal they bring this infection against the Iraq people.

We say to the Iraqis: Form a new Iraqi government that includes the range of Iraqi society and unites the Iraqis against terrorism. That is the first step. You must maintain one Iraq, a unified territory and a unified people.

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