Wednesday’s Apple Accumulation

Accumulations do not only happen in Totolotek — the Polish lottery. They can also happen in the stock market.

In lotteries, the accumulation always means a bigger prize, although in a stock market it can bring either growth or a slump.

Stock market accumulation means the simultaneous flow of various information from a company or about a company — or its surroundings – just as in the case of Apple last week.

First, the information about the leak of pictures of celebrities from Apple Cloud appeared. It was undoubtedly bad news. The stock company from Cupertino, with quite a delay, attempted to start its public relations counteroffensive, claiming that it was not a breach of iCloud security, but that only some accounts of individual users were hacked.

These explanations, however, did not calm the atmosphere because, as many have noticed, after the leak was discovered, Apple started to upgrade its security systems, and a few days later, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, announced that Apple would improve its security.

What’s more, almost on the eve of the expected presentation of new Apple models — on Tuesday — competitors, including Samsung and Sony, which frequently fight with Apple for their positions in the highest segment of the mobile phone market, unveiled their new top models. The first reviews of new Samsung tablets and new Sony smartphones that appeared in the media show that the bar for new iPhones was set very high, and may lessen the wave of admiration for new Apple products.

The third news came from analysts, who decided that the current value of Apple shares could prompt investors’ profit taking.

These bleak news reports have accumulated, and on Wednesday, the stock price of Apple shares fell 4 percent and stopped far below the psychologically important level of $100. Additionally, the trading volume of Apple shares was twice as large as the average.

Some analysts did not hide their astonishment that the fall happened so late. According to them, only information about the security breach should have resulted in a decline.

Apple experts treated the stock rate fall calmly. The Apple stock rate usually falls around the time of the presentations of new Apple devices and then rises again. Such is the investment cycle. Will it be the same this time? So far, the fall has preceded the premieres, but in my opinion, it will depend on how the media and analysts accept the iWatch — the first model of electronic jewelry by Apple.

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