Stepashin Calls Obama ‘The Indolent Pupil Who Lost the War against Terrorism’

In particular, the former prime minister of Russia has accused the U.S. president of provoking the new generation of emerging Islamic fighters in the Middle East.

The former prime minister of Russia, Sergei Stepashin, accused U.S. President Barack Obama of warmongering in Ukraine and provoking a new generation of emerging Islamic fighters in the Middle East. This is stated in Stepashin’s open letter to Obama. Stepashin addressed himself to the U.S. president as a chairman of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society — the oldest non-governmental organization in Russia, which provides more than 130 years of humanitarian assistance to countries in need.

“Half of the world was boiled in the name of protecting U.S. national interests, and today it is called controlled chaos,” pointed out Stepashin. According to the former prime minister of Russia, Obama is reminiscent of “the indolent pupil in chemistry class who confused test tubes and instigated a dangerous chemical reaction.”

“The United States lost the war against international terrorism,” said Stepashin. The Arab Spring “has appeared like a hurricane and shown the true face of the propagation of ‘democracy,’ generating a huge surge of radical Islam.” In his letter to the U.S. president, the former prime minister stated, “You have planted the seeds of terrifying future terroristic acts into the soil, and you’ve tilled it yourself.”

Stepashin accused Obama of “feeding the cutthroats from al-Qaida” and their associates.

“Why are you personally receiving a visit from Ahmad Jarba and giving this felon almost $300 million? Are you not aware that you are contributing to efforts that build jihadi dictatorship?” he said in his letter.

Concerning the fight of the United States against the duly elected president of Syria, Assad, the former prime minister of Russia emphasized that the U.S. president continues to do a lot of things “for Syria to become the military training ground for a new generation of jihadi fighters, equipped with modern fighting experience, weapons and unknown cruelty.”

Due to the situation in Ukraine, Stepashin paid attention to anti-Russian propaganda and the manipulation of public opinion by broadcasting fabricated pictures of chemical attacks.

“At the same time that you are openly supporting Ukrainian neo-Nazis, you are financing, training and arming them, and they, Mr. Nobel Peace Prize laureate, are raining fire through all systems — on civilians, hospitals, schools, houses, temples. [This is] the height of hypocrisy and cynicism,” emphasized Stepashin.

The former prime minister of Russia demanded that Barack Obama give up the Nobel Peace Prize.

A month ago, Sergei Stepashin sent an open letter to the prime minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, regarding his false accusation against Russia over the Malaysian plane crash in Ukraine.

“It appears that he has forgotten the lessons of European history. By provoking a new war with Russia, Mr. Cameron reveals an extraordinary arrogance; he considers himself fit to judge other nations, while his false judgments are leading the world down the path to violence,” said Stepashin in an open letter as the head of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society. It was published in the London newspaper The Independent and got more than a thousand constructive comments, Stepashin said to journalists today. The answer from the U.K. prime minister has not been received yet.

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