Armed Man in Elevator with Obama

There seems to be no end in sight to the series of blunders on the part of President Obama’s security agents….

According to a report in the Washington Post on Tuesday (local time), an armed man was permitted to enter an elevator with the president during his visit to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. The man, a security officer, only roused suspicion when he “quite unprofessionally” started taking a number of photographs with his smartphone.

The Secret Service immediately complained about the man’s conduct to his supervisor, who, as the newspaper reports, “fired him on the spot.” The agents were, however, in for yet another unpleasant surprise. As the man surrendered his service weapon to his superior officer, the president’s bodyguards are said to have been “astonished” — they had not noticed he had been carrying a gun.

Numerous Previous Occurrences

According to the Secret Service’s security protocol, the only people permitted to be armed when in close proximity to the president are his bodyguards.

Only recently, an Iraq veteran scaled the perimeter fence and broke into the White House — supposedly the safest building in the world. Furthermore, an incident from 2011, in which a man took a number of shots at the White House, also came to light this weekend. An accident by the shooter later led to his arrest.

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