America Uses Taiwan, Xinjiang and Tibet To Threaten China to Make Concessions

America needs to stop its fleecing habit

In recent years, America has used a front of “democracy and human rights” to secretly plan, promote and fund “Color Revolutions” around the world, whose goals are to overthrow other countries’ legitimate governments. It was ridiculous that U.S. President Obama made the shocking statement that China has been riding on America’s coattails for 30 years. The author believes this is a subterfuge by the American government in order to brush off its own diplomatic mistakes. In fact, America has been the one who was always trying to fleece others.

One example is talks between China and America to establish diplomatic relations. The late Richard Holbrooke, once Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs for the U.S. State Department, stated that America wanted China, for the sake of saving face, to tolerate an American security relationship with Taiwan, so that in exchange, there would be a recognition of mainland China as the legitimate government. In fact, for the Taiwan problem, America is fleecing both sides. On one hand, America is scaring Taiwan and forcing it to buy American military equipment; on the other hand, it is threatening China to concede to America in crucial areas and during key moments.

With the general easing of the relationship between mainland China and Taiwan, America has shifted to using the “Tibet Problem” and “Xinjiang Problem” as its key moves to fight China. In conflicts over the Diaoyu Islands and the South China Sea, America encourages Japan, the Philippines and other countries to confront China. At the same time, it is acting vague and hinting that if China wants its public support, China would have to give something in exchange. These low-handed diplomatic tactics, taking advantage of someone in need, are impossible to praise.

China has always acted as the bigger person and welcomes all countries to ride along on its express train to advancement, to share the opportunities and grow together. In comparison, America seems very small-minded. It needs to learn to treat others with generosity, to treat itself with strict discipline and know that being generous is the best policy.

American diplomatic policy has undergone non-stop changes. It has single-mindedly stirred up trouble to advance its own strategic interests, leaving behind disastrous situations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc.. Hamid Karzai, ex-President of Afghanistan, said in his departure speech that it was because America did not want peace that his country is enduring a long-term war. America is not maintaining order, it is disrupting it. No wonder China refuses to participate.

In summary, America, having a high opinion of itself and always regarding itself as the world’s police, may really need to seriously reflect on its failing domestic and foreign policies. It is time to say goodbye to reckless driving, and cautiously navigate this racecar about to speed out of control in the global village, so that it does not crash, hurting itself and others.

The author is a Chinese citizen living in Singapore working as an investment analyst.

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