While Feigning Ignorance, They Won

The image of Barack Obama and the Democrats has been damaged by their enemies, who claim that Obama’s pacifist spirit makes him appear weak and that his social ideology is too left-wing, and also by a clever campaign about who is responsible for slowing down immigration reform, among other factors.

There is no doubt that the Republicans have succeeded in winning the U.S. Senate back in the latest midterm elections. Some would call it “democracy,” but the truth is that the Republicans used a well-planned strategy. They did not let Obama govern, who is regarded as too weak because of his moderation and diplomacy.

Trickery and lying are common in politics and so are despising citizens and ignoring the common good. This is the sad truth. Politics is not about improving citizen’s welfare, but taking over the government and benefiting economic interests. By not voting, many citizens let the dishonest keep ruling the nation.

As for Hispanic people, they turned their back on he who had promised them immigration reform. They have lost hope.

Furthermore, this election has reflected the dark side of the American essence. Firstly, there are still some racists, who are not going to let Obama successfully end his term. Frankly, Obama has been weak and undecided, maybe because he is afraid of making mistakes. This was a historic chance for the African American community.

Secondly, the U.S. is a warmongering and conservative country that really wants to hold geopolitical power. Oil crime syndicates and the pharmaceutical industry are behind the scenes, promoting and funding military conflicts.

There were two options to defeat Obama: kill him either physically or politically. The former would have empowered the Democrats. The latter was easy; his enemies managed to make this election a referendum on Obama. In addition, I am sure that the votes obtained by the Republicans were not intended to disapprove of Congress’ government.

While feigning ignorance, the Republicans got rid of the most radical members of their own political party. At the same time, they attacked Obama by spreading rumors about his alleged undercover left-wing ideology. To scare citizens, the Republicans even claimed that he was hiding the fact that he is a fervent Islamist. While feigning ignorance, they were working to win the election.

Sad and disappointed, Obama said he understood the people’s message. However, he does not want to believe they voted against him. He thinks that the American people disapproved of Congress’ manner of governing.

The Republicans need to make a big effort to take the White House back. There is no doubt that they are going to use the immigration reform card. Nevertheless, Obama may approve a law which would make him regain some of his credibility.

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