America and Racism



It’s a paradox: a black man (or customarily, an African-American) is in the White House, women and black males have risen in recent years to the highest offices of state. And yet you have to agree with the president’s finding that racism against blacks is deeply rooted in American society and history — slavery was the original sin of this “land of the free,” whereby the nation had so nearly fallen apart.

The monster has changed a lot. With regard to the relationship between whites and blacks, the United States is no longer the nation it was 60 years ago, not even in the South. Nevertheless, there is a kind of informal segregation. And police violence against suspect blacks is inherent to the system in their eyes.

In many places, aspects of class overlap with race; it’s not uncommon for both to go together in one sorry package. The recent events are a reminder not to let this happen, lest racial antagonism overwhelm America in all areas.

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