The Lives Shattered by the United States

The American government is a sprawling and merciless organization, for which the lives of “others” don’t matter unless they support the permanent interests of the United States. This government is made up of men and women who, having achieved the pinnacle of power, lose all sense of mercy and humanity; only their goals are important.

Among this “elite” is the very likely 2016 candidate for U.S president, Hillary Clinton, who never ceases to spark controversy and criticism. With sweeping statements and “explosive” memoirs – such as her book, “Hard Choices,” published in June of last year – the former secretary of state under Barack Obama is trying to “stay alive” politically by using wild activism. That’s the price a U.S. politician must pay, especially if she is aiming for the White House. And Mrs. Clinton, who failed in her attempt in 2008, does not want to leave anything to chance. This does damage, both literally and figuratively. Whether in the form of a confession – “We [she and her country] want to solve international problems” – or imprudence – “We created al-Qaida and the Islamic State group” – the former chief of American diplomacy never loses sight of her ultimate goal: to be the obligatory Democratic choice for 2016.

However, what Hillary Clinton says while highlighting the impostures of U.S. administrations (both Democrat and Republican) shows just how far the ex-secretary of state is ready to go to achieve her ends. Also, Mrs. Clinton doesn’t bother herself with scruples. Even if her comments are, of course, coated with good intentions, she doesn’t shy away from excess. Was it for a “good cause” when she, as a New York senator, went against her party and supported George W. Bush’s war against Iraq in 2002?

In the Obama administration, she is the most committed against the Damascus regime, which, according to her, “kills its own people.” In fact, Hillary Clinton seems like the hawk of the Obama administration where the president, timid and indecisive, procrastinates in making decisions. The idea that Assad “kills his own people” is touted by all Western leaders, especially the Americans and the French. Will anyone ever point out the tens of thousands of lives that have been shattered by the U.S. government in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pinochet’s Chile, Libya, Nicaragua, etc?

In fact, for these “third-level” leaders, who dream of leadership and management of world affairs, the lives of others have no cost. If it takes a few million deaths to achieve their purpose, it does not weigh at all on their conscience. Leadership for them; chaos for others.

This is confirmed by the Benghazi affair mess, in which the former secretary of state played a large role. U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed in Benghazi (in western Libya) on Sept. 11, 2012. What was Stevens doing in Benghazi when he had been continuously warning the administration against the explosive situation prevailing there? The diplomat was on an ordered mission in Benghazi. And for good reason! The consulate in Benghazi was a cover for the CIA.

It was Mrs. Clinton who refused to close the consulate so as to avoid exposing the American spies. What were these agents doing in Benghazi? They obtained, from Libyan militias, weapons stolen from the arsenals of Gadhafi. These arms were then transported to rebels in Syria via a special network that infiltrated and smuggled the weapons to rebels, many of whom were jihadi.

In her book, “Hard Choices,” Hillary Clinton gives her version of the assassination of Ambassador Stevens. She says, “It is unlikely that there will ever be anything close to full agreement on exactly what happened that night, how it happened, or why it happened.” However, she adds, “that should not be confused with a lack of effort to discover the truth or to share it with the American people.” This profession of faith is largely undermined by the testimony of U.S. diplomats and by her statements to Congress.

Also, in a recent book, “Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas,” Edward Klein adds another illumination. Klein reveals: “All this was done without the knowledge and consent of the U.S. Congress, whose intelligence committee is responsible for overseeing the CIA.”* But the Obama administration demanded Assad’s fall, and nothing was off limits, including secretly arming America’s alleged global enemy, al-Qaida. The wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria, among others, were appropriate and supervised by Americans, who don’t hesitate to dismantle governments and destroy countries to insure their national and international fate. Mrs. Clinton is a follower of this trend.

*This quote, accurately translated, could not be verified.

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  1. As a citizen of the United States I must say that the perception of my country as viciously imperialist is mostly true. The America of the working class- the vast majority of the nation- has no vested interest in world plunder and war crimes. The Iraq War was the greatest foreign policy blunder in American history. And all those reported war crimes-like the Abu Ghraib prison are well documented.
    Today is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of that legendary Black Muslim, Malcolm X. In his last year Malcolm had an interesting political evolution. He began to make a truly RADICAL connection between racism and imperialism and capitalism. I think he is still far more relevant to ALL the oppressed of the world than any corrupt , pro-capitalist political party.
    Read George Breitman’s book ” The Last Year of Malcolm X “.
    ( )

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