The American Train: Derailing from the Track of International Law

Recently, many opinions, articles, studies and admissions criticizing American foreign policy, which has brought tragedy and disaster for both Americans and other peoples, have begun to appear publicly in the Western world.

The United States was the first country to support terrorism and to not comply with any international law, for such law restricts its actions and behavior. No constitution, law, or humanitarian consideration can restrain America’s desires and interests, regardless of their grave consequences for the world.

These opinions are not based on theory alone. Rather, they are also based on documented facts and statistics; the repercussions of Washington’s rash and irresponsible political and military interventions in various countries around the globe have deliberately led to indescribable destruction and unleashed great evils on the world. The turmoil that the successive administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama have created in the Arab region brought death and destruction to its inhabitants, and has driven millions of them from their homes. An uncountable number of people are likely to have been killed due to the eruption of the so-called Arab Spring and America’s direct involvement in supporting terrorist movements in the name of democracy and freedom.

Other evidence includes America’s support for the Zionist entity, which continues to occupy Arab soil and steal its resources with the United States’ help. The world saw how Congress, in the midst of the occupation forces’ latest attack on civilians in Gaza, issued a decision that supported Israeli war crimes by giving millions of dollars to pay the occupation’s military expenses, and to renew the so-called Iron Dome system within the Israeli entity.

The irony is that while Washington justifies Israeli war crimes with what it calls “the right to self-defense,” it describes any Palestinian response to Israeli attacks as terrorism. American policy has only succeeded in destroying the United States’ reputation. Thanks to the actions of its administration, the United States has become the biggest threat to global peace in the eyes of the world.

These policies do not end at supporting the Zionist entity. Rather, the United States has also attacked the world as a whole. Its victims around the world are not restricted to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan and Somalia. Rather, they can be found in dozens of countries. Some analysts explain this aggression as a symptom of a general collapse. The United States’ pyramids of debt are collapsing under internal pressure, and its debts are skyrocketing. These analysts stress that all financial pyramids at some point collapse of their own accord. Thus, the pyramid that the capitalist class in America built upon the foundation of the Federal Reserve has begun to collapse. For this class to continue existing, it needed to eliminate accumulated debts, and the best way to eliminate debts is with wars.

These analysts present a lot of evidence to support their position. Such evidence includes the fact that America’s outstanding Libyan debt was lost after the attack on Libya. Similarly, America’s financial responsibilities to Iraq disappeared entirely. Thus America has tried to eliminate its debts, estimated at around $50 trillion, in addition to the $4 trillion of compensation to service these primary debts, around the whole world.

Most world powers leading the international arena give great importance to frank and open policy. They insist in all international circles (such as the United Nations and the Security Council) on applying the principles of international law to relations between countries. They respect the rights and sovereignty of other peoples around the world and stress that national sovereignty is an unconditional value and that no country, regardless of its military or economic force, may violate these rights. America, on the other hand, is taking the opposite path globally, believing that it is serving its interests without realizing that it is actually digging its own grave!

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