From Rand Paul to Hillary Clinton

Rand Paul started the week by making his presidential bid official. Hillary Clinton should be tackling the next one by throwing herself into the White House race, too, according to several American media sources, including CNN. The former secretary of state will undoubtedly wish for a less chaotic start than that of the Republican Kentucky senator.

On Tuesday, Paul announced his presidential bid during a speech in Louisville, Kentucky, by presenting himself as a different kind of Republican and a different kind of Paul, hoping to distance himself not only from the base of his party — which has been criticized by militants of the tea party — but also from his father, Ron, whose positions have marginalized him in the GOP, especially when it comes to foreign policy. However, the Republican hawks did not wait too long to attack him by launching a $1 million ad campaign on the same day calling his position on Iran “dangerous.”

The following day, the Kentucky senator hurt his cause himself by not hiding his frustrations during an interview with Savannah Guthrie from the “Today” show on NBC. Nothing more is needed for him to be accused of sexism or stupidity, having recently adopted the same condescending attitude toward a CNBC female reporter. At the end of the day, he defended himself on CNN by revealing that he treats the male reporters just as badly as the female reporters (what a defense!). The newspaper The Hill put together those highlights to allow its readers to form their own opinion: (Please see video in the article for the highlights mentioned above: see here.

Paul can comfort himself by thinking about the Quinnipiac survey published this week. The poll gives him a slight edge over Hillary Clinton in two key states: Colorado and Iowa. We will see if this edge remains after the announcement of Clinton’s presidential bid, which should happen Sunday by video.

The following day, the Democrat should meet the voters of Iowa, the Midwest state that will hold the first poll of the 2016 primaries and caucus.

And the media should be on the lookout for any minor blunder …

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