Bush Family Buy Up Guarani Aquifer

Jo-Shing Yang, the environmental consultant dedicated to investigating the Wall Street megabanks’ efforts to buy up global water resources, has turned his attention to the nepotistic Bush family dynasty, whose purchases of 121,407 hectares of land just happen to be located on part of the Guarani Aquifer System. The groundwater reservoir is the largest [renewable freshwater] resource in the world, with an expanse of more than 1.2 million square kilometers and a volume of 40,000 cubic kilometers of water.

Yang points out that a subterranean reservoir of such proportions could supply the world with drinking water for 200 years. The figures speak for themselves: Astonishingly, the Guarani Aquifer covers an expanse of land a fraction larger than Colombia.

For sheer size, the Guarani Aquifer is outstripped by the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System, which covers 2 million square kilometers and is estimated to contain 150,000 cubic kilometers of subterranean [nonrenewable fossil] water. According to Bloomberg, the greater part of this vast, transboundary geological reserve is situated beneath Libya (SEE HERE) and was one of the factors that motivated the United States, the United Kingdom and France to their tripartite invasion. The rest of the aquifer lies beneath Egypt, Chad and Sudan.

In 2005 and 2006, during the dynastic presidency of George W. Bush, the Bush family acquired a total of 121,407 hectares in Chaco, Paraguay, close to the troublesome tri-border area of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, and just 200 kilometers from the border with gas-rich Bolivia. Bush Senior, now 90, bought 80,837 hectares, while his granddaughter Jenna, George W.’s daughter, bought another 40,470 hectares.

The name Guarani comes from an indigenous South American people who used to inhabit a territory stretching from the Amazon to the Plate River. Small numbers of Guarani now remain in isolated pockets in Paraguay and Brazil.

Jo-Shing Yang explains that the lands purchased by the Bush family are located on the Guarani Aquifer, South America and the world’s largest [uncontaminated and renewable] groundwater reservoir, which lies beneath the surface of four countries — Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay — and is as large as Texas and California combined.

The University of Columbia’s Earth Institute points out that the Guarani Aquifer is a little-known water resource in South America. What is alarming is the hydraulic ingenuity being employed by the four transboundary countries of the aquifer, guided by the World Bank in pursuit of its own obscene, exogenous privatization agenda.

The transboundary territory of the Guarani Aquifer is shared among Brazil, with 850,000 square kilometers — the size of Venezuela; Argentina, with 225,000 square kilometers — the size of Romania; Paraguay, with 70,000 square kilometers — the size of Ireland; and Uruguay, with 45,000 square kilometers — the size of Denmark.

Significantly, much of the Guarani Aquifer is situated beneath the Plate River Basin, the widest in the world, and the mouth of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers, where it forms part of a freshwater feedback system. The Plate River Basin has a surface area of 3.2 million square kilometers and is classified as the second largest hydrographic basin in the world.

Jenna Welch Bush Hager, twin sister to Barbara Pierce Bush, consolidated her land purchases during a curious 10-day trip to Paraguay. She traveled in an official capacity as a UNICEF ambassador, with an escort of 10 U.S. bodyguards, on the pretext of visiting social projects.

According to Russian intelligence analysts, during her stay Jenna met with Nicanor Duarte, then president of Paraguay, and the controversial U.S. Ambassador James Cason, who finalized the land purchases on the Bush family’s behalf. But then, Jenna’s profile — author, editor of Southern Living magazine, and correspondent for NBC News (owned by General Electric, a pillar of the military-industrial complex) — is not exactly at odds with her extracurricular land registration activities.

The Paraguayan news group Neike has speculated that Jenna’s visit was connected to the lands purchased by her father, close to Bolivian gas reserves — that’s right — and Brazil’s wetland regions, and to the presence in Paraguay of 400 U.S. marines, who enjoy an uncommon degree of diplomatic immunity.

The greater part of the Chaco region is owned by private companies and the Bush family purchases are only a few kilometers from the U.S. Mariscal Estigarribia military base, whose air facilities are more extensive than those of the Paraguayan capital’s airport at Asunción (SEE HERE).

Why would anyone be interested in semi-barren land in the Chaco region of northern Paraguay? The Thinkering questions the Bush family’s interest in Paraguay and sums it up in no uncertain terms: Whoever controls the world’s water supply controls the world. The same article supplies some hard facts: “Water covers 71 percent of the Earth’s surface […]. Only 2.5 percent of the Earth’s water is freshwater. Approximately 1 billion people lack access to clean, drinkable freshwater. In developing countries the demand for water exceeds supply by up to 50 percent.”

One of the reasons for the United States’ presence at the Mariscal Estigarribia military base, which has its own international airport, is the strategic importance of its proximity to both the notorious tri-border area and the Guarani Aquifer, though this has been solemnly and systematically denied by the United States.

Documents released by WikiLeaks tell a different story, exposing the United States’ powerful interest in an extensive area that takes in Paraguay, Bolivia and northern Argentina. According to SourceWatch, the United States claims that its undisclosed military presence is there to enable surveillance of “around 20,000 Middle Eastern immigrants — mostly from Lebanon and Syria —” to whom the United States’ misinformation machine attributes the worst terrorist intentions, allegedly because of their potential three-way links with Hezbollah, Hamas and al-Qaida, along with a range of criminal activities from arms and drug trafficking to money laundering. No matter that Hezbollah’s Shiite guerrillas and Hamas’s Palestinian Sunni guerrillas are the sworn enemies of al-Qaida’s Sunni fundamentalists. Misinformation at its best!

The same propaganda peddlers are at pains to conceal the disturbing link between Nazi Germany and the Bushs’ financial patriarch, the senator Prescott Bush, though sufficient evidence exists to indicate that Guarani in Paraguay was a favorite escape route for Nazi war criminals (SEE HERE).

It looks as if the United States might be holding the world for ransom from its stronghold in Chaco, with Bolivia’s abundant gas reserves on the one hand and the four-party Guarani Aquifer on the other. Add to that the 400,000 hectares on one of the planet’s largest agricultural reserves, the Argentine Pampas, registered in the name of mega-speculator George Soros, allegedly a puppet of slave bankers Rothschild. All part of the Bush-Rothschild sinister corporate carve-up of the planet!

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